Saturday, March 5, 2022

The End Of The Universe by Steve Ditko

 So, if you know a Grumpy Gus, send him to the end of the universe, and he'll either not come back, or, seemingly, he'll come back a Happy Camper.  Also, this British cover is a sore spot.  Just recently saw it, and cannae find a better image.  If you know of an original US cover, or even a copy of the UK version without long division scribbled on it, please holla

The next day, back at the ranch (see comments)....Thanks, meamwayne!  For some reason, I was determined the original would be a Marvel "tales" title 


  1. The Cap'n's wish is my command. That was originally the cover of Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds 6, and this is a link to the best copy of it I could find:

  2. That story is one of my all time Ditko favorites

    1. Me, too! For a five page funny book, it's awful deep (Ditko writing, methinks), and beautifully drawn