Thursday, March 31, 2022

Attack Of The Maple Leaves by Steve Ditko

 Unless it's the hockey team, then it's Maple Leafs, methinks

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, meamwayne points out the cover isn't even Maple Leaves (or Maple Leafs), but more like Oak leaves (which have no cool alliteration like menace)


  1. Actually, those look more like oak leaves, but the story is called "Menace of the Maple Leaves," and the leaves in the story, which is also by Ditko, do look like maple. My theory is that the cover came first, and a writer who didn't know much about botany was assigned to come up with a story for it.

    1. Sounds about right, but then how did Shemp sneak inside the book to replace that main guy? I tell ya, ever since he took Curly's place, he thinks he's all that