Sunday, August 29, 2021

Coupla More Mysterious Hero by John Fantucchio

Coupla months ago, I did a post of everything I knew of that John did of his Mystery Hero, but now I see 2 more!  Okay, but now this is EVERYTHING on MH!  ("Hold on, buffalo breath," as Johnny Carson useta say to Ed.)  Who knows?  And Fantacchio never drew Superman


  1. Because of copyright issues, it'd be hard to gather all of his work under covers, but I;d like to see it. It'd sure be pretty thick. You've seen this checklist, right?

    1. Yes, an amaz'n list that everytime I see it, I search ebay, Heritage, Ken Meyer, etc, etc. Wow, I would love to see that book, too, maybe as The Fantucchio Treasury