Thursday, June 10, 2021

Star Pirate by Jim Starlin

 If you can, please give me a real name for this cat.  As you may know, I have a slight fanzine jones, and I just saw Whizzard #12 is up currently on ebay.  This is just under the Simonson cover of that zine, and I think it's che cool but am, once again, clueless

Later that same day, folks have been pleasantly responsive (see comments) and the consensus is, this fanzine illo is of Darklon The Mystic from  Eerie magazine....or is it?  I dub my space pirate Darklonot


  1. That's Darklon the Mystic from a series of stories Jim did for Eerie (issues 76, 79, 80, 84, & 100). In all the stories Darklon had black hair, and his eyepatch was on the left side, but otherwise it looks exactly like him.

  2. Looks like Darklon the Mystic (Eerie #79).
    However, that character had black hair.
    It could be a first appearance of Darklon's ancestor "Darklore". Who appeared much later in Warlock Chronicles #1. (He has grey hair.)
    Then there's the issue of the eyepatch. Both Darklon and Darklore wore their eyepatches over the left eye. So maybe the image got flipped or it is actually a different character altogether...?
    Either way, this is a NEW piece to me and an invaluable addition to my Darklon collection! THANK YOU!!!
    And thank you for ALL that you do on this blog! Cap'n's Comics is a daily necessity!

  3. Looks like Darklon the Mystic from Eerie magazine, except with bleached hair.