Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Come Fly With Me by Frank Frazetta

 Need some help again (so what else is new, Cap'n?)---what is this is?  I have another of those "primal memories" ala REH (or maybe it's like Yogi Berra's "deja vu all over again"), where this is a tiny image on a tanned PB page.  Maybe a Burroughs title page illo, or....
Later that same day (and, meanwhile, back at the ranch...), meamwayne just turned me onto where I'd originally seen it, as an interior illo for the book club edition of  Swords of Mars & Synthetic Men of Mars.  Good thing, too, as I was frantically going through a massive amount of paperbacks in search of.  The interior illo for Maza of the Moon was cool to see again, though


  1. It's from the 1975 Science Fiction Book Club illustrated edition of Burroughs' Swords of Mars & Synthetic Men of Mars. It's a full-page interior illo; I've just never seen a really good scan of it.

    1. Memory Monster strikes again! Thanks so much, I will gladly look at my book club books again, and add it up here