Monday, June 7, 2021

A Barbaric Mystery by Steve Ditko

 Okay, probably just a mystery to me, but you know how I like to bend your ear.  This great panel is part of a story called Ditko's H series part 1 from the fanzine Comic Crusader #14.  I have it cut out and filed in a Ditko binder.  My trouble is, I'm certain I never possessed CC 14, although it sported a wunnerful Dennis Fujitake cover, and I would love to have it in my gigantor fanzine box.  It must've been printed somewhere else, but I'm clueless


  1. It was reprinted in The Ditko Collection #1 from Fantagraphics, a great book by the way. (I never got around to getting Vol. 2, darn the luck). It was also reprinted in 2002 by Snyder in Avenging World TPB, but it seems odd that you would tear out just one story from all those other great works. Even the thought that you mangled an old zine is, well, interesting. When i was a kid i used to tear the covers off of Batman if Neal Adams was present, as at that time i didnt care for Novick's art. Of course i lost all those covers over the years. To replace them all now would be somewhat pricey. Just got to content myself with reprints!

    1. Thanks for the great info! Although I have 2 fairly beefy posts on Avenging World on here, it's The Ditko Collection Vol 1 that really resonates with me as having passed through my hands. "Seems odd" is a very genteel phrase when describ'n some of the quirks of my obsession, but, yes, this panel is a perfect example of my bizarre behavior when it comes to art (somehow I just flashed on Van Gogh's self-portrait, which blew up as a meme with a face mask hanging down from his one remaining ear). In the early seventies, I went to high school with the guy who ended up conquering the comic shop world with his overwhelming collection of a bazillion comics, and I somehow became the yin to his yang. It's pretty obvious that I have a passion for comic art, but I've always been attempting to distill my physical collection into a rarefied pure core that I can somehow hold in my hand. In 2010, when the kids told me it was easy to set me up on a blog, it may have been the blessing that kept me from descending into a rabbit hole forever. This blog is the closest I can come to my passion