Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sword In The Stone by Gil Kane

Just realized there's two


  1. Was this for Kane's Excalibur project with John Jakes?

    1. Wow, never even thought about it, and I never bought it because the cover wasn't an artist I wanted (when it came to reading about the story, I personally dug Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy so much I considered the tale a done deal for me). I know Kane co-authored it, but I don't think he had any published art on King Arthur. Would love to be (once again) proved wrong

    2. It was supposed to be published in conjunction with a graphic novel version by Kane. I don't remember if the novel was illustrated. It was one of those hustles that Kane put together in his entrepreneur period (meaning he needed money) and Jakes, at the time was known for genre work like Brak the Barbarian. Jakes produced a short treatment as part of the pitch and while the deal was in progress, he suddenly hit it big with the historical work like North and South and the Kent Family Chronicles, so he was outta there. But Random House owned the treatment and so they wanted to exploit Jakes' name while he was hot. They published the Jakes text and filled out most of the book by hiring some nameless company man to write it. Jakes insisted that Kane's name come first on the cover. Gil Kane interviews are full of stories like this; he always had a new hustle.

    3. Thanks for the info (I love this kinda stuff)! If you havenae yet, you should check out Comic Book Creator #11. It even has this second image in an article on Kane, and they say it in a flowery way, but, yeah, hustles left and right