Friday, May 1, 2020

Pirates Of Venus by Mike Kaluta

So, here's a sad tale of love lost.  In the early seventies, I was a roady for a rock band (just some buddies who were young and hopeful), and I saw Chris the lead guitarist laying on a bean bag at a rehearsal, and he had all these Korak comics laying around him, and was reading one.  "Those look lame," I said.  "Nah, it's what's in the back of them, " Chris explained, "This Kid Kaluta is blow'n my mind!"
I was hooked in about 30 seconds, and over the years have had all or most of those Koraks in my possession at least five different times.  The last time was two years ago, when I realized the Carson of Venus stories in the back of the Koraks were well represented on the web, and sold them all for a song. 
Trouble is, I really miss laying those out around a bean bag and just kick'n it.  So, I obviously can't go try for a sixth set, so I was staring at them on line, and realized I missed a re-print collection with two new masterpieces over a year ago.  Then I also realized there had been a final chapter,  Into the Noobolian Valley, that wasn't even in the back of a Korak!  What the...and Tarzan 230 would also be an easy and cheap aquisition if I could go to the local shops!  aaahhhhhrrrrgggghhhh 
By the way, ignore that reference to another chapter "The Black Castle."  I triple-checked this time, and that one doesnae exist, although Kaluta did a great castle around that time

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