Monday, February 18, 2019

Tres Totally Wally Wood

Total War #3 was actually called MARS Patrol (?), and I dinnae lead with the splash this time, cuz first I wanted to put up my fav panel of the entire triune comic


  1. Wally was only second to Kirby for the terrific but not essential background machinery. I remember trying to draw the machinery, first tracing it and then free hand. Any way a classic comic right. then think about all the comics in the last few decades and how few will ever be reproduced like in this blog and discussed. It was a golden age of comic art.

  2. So true. It was indeed a magical time for comics. I dig Steranko machinery also, and fourth for me would be Gil Kane....should do a machinery post of those four

  3. Agreed, then ..who else? Ahh Ditko...early Ditko, like late 50's early 60's.

    1. Oh, yeah, baby! And maybe Big John with those Surfer and Subby machines