Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Iron Man #80 Cover by Jack Kirby

Never let it be said I dunnae try to honor requests.  Embiggen and jump back, jack!  As with Supes VS Batman, I cannae envision Cap'n America being able to duke it out with Iron Man


  1. Overall it's typical glorious Kosmic Kirby, the forearms don't look right.
    I suspect the original version had the arms up-and-forward in a more typical flying position
    Are the pencils on-line anywhere?

  2. I've never seen them, but you have a good point (makes me think of the Marvelmania Black Bolt--now THAT'S fly'n!). Now that you mention it, the only Iron Man pencils I've seen from Kirby are the Black Book Valentine ones, which I'm adding again to here