Thursday, March 10, 2016

Deadly Psychic Storm by Jim Steranko

The final confrontation twixt Nick Fury and The Yellow Claw was way ahead of its time, and now I can see it was 32 years ahead, cause this panel from a 2000 AD TPB looks to me like an improvement on Steranko's concept.  This is definitely an exception to a Cap'n comics rule--the original is always better.  All the artists on this blog look waaaay better to me in their original publications


  1. Hey, modern coloring techniques can add a lot of extra snap to those older comics, without overpowering or obscuring the original art. Take a look at the recent TPB of the Lee/Kirby TALES OF ASGARD stories, for example. Astounding stuff!

  2. Yeah, anything that overpowers Coletta chicken-scratch'n is def aok, I just don't always enjoy some of the "muddy" reprints