Sunday, November 8, 2015

Thor by Jack Kirby

So who is most Thor?  Barry Krepke would say the marvelmania Thor is most Thor cause he's been wifting more weights, and I would have to agree because of the hammer


  1. I must be crazy...I spent the last few months going through every one of your posts. That's more than 3000! As you've said, fun and repetitive. A little too repetitive for my taste. I wish you would spend more time digging up new finds rather than doing so many repeats. Nonetheless, I commend you for your efforts and thank you for many hours viewing great comic art.

  2. Thank you??? No, really, that's awesome! I've personally never gone back (Satchel Page said, "Don't look back....something might be gain'n on you!"), but I imagine that would take quite a chunk of time. Might help with all my repetition, though....