Monday, October 26, 2015

Ramrod by Wally Wood

Early 1950s, methinks, and never really happened.  Wood is one of my favs, but I don't know of any westerns.  If they happened, hook a brother up, cause this looks like www (Wally Wood westerns) would be sweet


  1. I know Wood did some risque Western comics that originally appeared in pulp magazines, which were published in cleaned-up versions in Trojan's Western Crime Busters in the early 50s. And flipping through my index, I noticed Gunfighter and Saddle Romances, both for EC, and Western Gunfighters for Marvel. I'm sure there's more; Wood was a workaholic.

    There's also an oddity that someone has recently reprinted: Back when Wood created Cannon and Sally Forth for the Overseas Weekly. he also produced the sexy Western series Shattuck, which he did some art for. but it looks like much of it was drawn by a young Howard Chaykin. Wood worked on just about every type of comic, and eventually managed to work naked women into every genre. What a guy.

  2. Thanks for some great insights and some great leads! I look forward to this stuff, cause I honestly don't remember a western by Wood