Thursday, August 29, 2013

Volka/Vlad/Drac by Jim Steranko

This looks like different stages of the same sketch, but classic Steranko that I don't see much of.  Would love to see some kinda time-warp battle twixt this barbaric Dracula and Talon


  1. Steranko never disappoints!

    For the Francis Ford Coppola movie, Steranko also did storyboards for several scenes, reprinted in STERANKO, GRAPHIC PRINCE OF DARKNESS (a k a TALES FROM THE EDGE issue 11, March 1998), that is packed with information about Steranko's art and broader life.

    I frequently pull my copies of STERANKO'S HISTORY OF COMICS vol 1 AND 2 off the shelf to read, and wonder why the additional volumes were never finished, now 50 years later.

  2. I know, right? Right after Talon, the graphic novel, the Steranko I mourn never seeing are all the latter volumes of History