Saturday, August 3, 2013

Some Black'n White Barry Smith

The last two, of Robin Hood, never went on to be anything more than you see here, as far as I know (which we've all learned is as far as I could toss an H2 Hummer)

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  1. The first image is among my favorites, titled "Cimmerian Death print", that I was lucky enough to buy in 1997 by mail order, in the waning days before the internet made these things easier. It was offered in magazine ads in the late 1970's such as SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN and other Marvel magazines, and Steranko's MEDIASCENE and PREVUE.

    The second is clearly 1990's Windsor-Smith, very different in style from his 1970's work. It looks like it's from the period Windsor-Smith was doing RUNE (circa 1994).

    The third image of Conan is from SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, I can't recall the issue.

    The fourth, of Conan climbing past the stained glass of a tower is the pencil version of Smith's cover to CONAN SAGA 2, June 1987, a scene from "Tower of the Elephant" from CTB 4. This issue reprints (in black and white) the stories from CONAN THE BARBARIAN 4-6 (1970-1971). The first 9 issues of CONAN SAGA reprinted Smith's run in CONAN 1-16, 19-24 and SAVAGE TALES 2-3 in their entirety.

    The 5th image is the "Withering" poster by Windsor-Smith from 1975, and as I recall is one of his best-selling prints. I first saw it reprinted in EPIC ILLUSTRATED 7 (1981) accompanying a Barry Smith interview. And in the book THE STUDIO (1979).

    The last two images of Robin Hood I haven't seen till now, thank you for posting them. And for all the images here!