Saturday, August 3, 2013

Taa! by Jack Kirby

Sheesh!  Seems like EVERYBODY likes to brag about their home town!!

From Thor 169 and The Origin of Galactus (back when this reprint came out, I was pleased to see some enhancement from the original colors--most reprints didn't hold a candle to the originals)


  1. There's at least 100 issues of potential expansion in just about every new world Kirby ever gave us. Such as KAMANDI, or THE DEMON, THE ETERNALS, or even more briefly featured worlds like Transilvane in JIMMY OLSEN 142-143, or the Project, The Wild Area, the DNA Project, or the Hairies in the same series. Some of which were nicely realized by other creators in LEGENDS OF THE DC UNIVERSE, like Mark Evanier, Steve Rude, L'Officier and Ladronn.

  2. True ALL that, especially AT LEAST 100 issues