Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jeff Jones, Robert E. Howard, and Barry Smith

Just found this fairly pristine copy of Pigeons From Hell

What's really remarkable to me is that it looks just like a copy I picked up at Target in Colorado Springs in the summer of 76, and promptly read the most amazing short story of my youth (title story), clue'n me into the fact that not only was REH the creator of Conan, but my all-time favorite fantasy author.  Please check it out-it's so haunting I''m planning to read it again now, thirty-seven years later.  The Jeff Jones cover is also incredible-I dig the smirking face on the dinosaur and the wonderful swirl of paints about the base of it's tail (please embiggen).  Another great short story in this paperback is/was The Garden of Fear, which Roy Thomas and Barry Smith had already adapted to create Conan #9.  I was shocked to learn this wasn't a Conan story after all, with Howard's hero being a blonde named Hunwulf the Wanderer


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