Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wolf Moon by Frank Frazetta

The original paperback was best, methinks    (Ooops! I was wrong on the end of my comment)


  1. I always liked the saturated color on that paperback cover, particularly in the way that brings the moon forward.
    Is the first scan from The Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta? All the color plates in that series of books have a consistent slight yellow cast, at least when compared to the Underwood trilogy.
    The spattering of color on the rock has always reminded me of Jackson Pollock, unlikely as the comparison may be.

  2. Wow, I couldn't agree more-excellent assessment of what is one of Frazetta's great "lost" masterpieces. With the moon popping so well on the cover (verging on 3D), imagine the words removed from that rock (indeed very Jackson Pollock, and people always said of he, and sometimes of Fritz, that anyone could do that--false! no one else can do Fritz--and no one but Fritz could do a Jackson Pollock rock). We may never see Wolf Moon in it's entire splendor