Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Slow Death #4 Cover by Rich Corben

 Havenae put this up in quite a while (methinks), but it still warms the cockels.  Gore was the wizard of the air-brush, and I'll always call this the pinnacle.  Although the nineteen-seventy-sump'n date on the world peace treaty placard was part of the spookiness of the image when it came out, it's kinda lost its edge over time, but the art will never lose its edge


  1. Corben was big for me in the undergrounds. It's interesting that he never did covers for the companion title, Skull Comix, where he was a very significant contributor. It's hard to comprehend that at the time this issue of Slow Death came out, Corben had already appeared in Warren, in fanzines like Squa Tront and the Burroughs Bulletin and had self-published the first Fantagor. As it turned out, he eventually appeared pretty much everywhere.

    1. True ALL dat. He's the only reason I checked out the "comics at the head shops," although I later realized George Metzger and Rand Holmes were doin some great stuff, also