Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Pointy-Eared Conan by Berni Wrightson

 First image is from the 1974 fanzine Dreams I, and the next four are from the 1970 fanzine Infinity 1, where we get some folks say'n Berni once drew Conan as an alien.  What the verbage actually says, though, is they were presenting a sword and sorcery portfolio in tribute to Conan and REH.  Last three are a nice co-inky-dink, with Conan battl'n pointy-eared guys


  1. I was about to tell you that Infinity 1 just went up on Meyer's Ink Stains, but looks like you caught it. The following issues were definitely an improvement.

    1. Yeah, Ken has been a fanzine blessing over the years, but that one was better as a long anticipation than as a fulfillment (as with so many things in life, neh?). Now, if he puts up Comic Crusaders 7, 8, and 9, you'll be able to poke me with a fork to see I'm done (at least on the fanzines I know of). I have a bunch of the fanzines he's put up, but my copies are pretty beat