Monday, December 12, 2022

TRON by Jack Kirby

 Okay, I should know by now, but apparently, Jack did EVERYTHING! (Hence the old adage that if we ever reach the lower right corner of the universe, we'll find a massive Jack Kirby signature.)  I had to be drug to the theater in 1982 to see the flick, and I instantly fell in love


  1. That's fabulous!! Mr. Kirby would have done an exquisite job on a Tron comic! .......WISHING!

    1. Right there with you, Ron! I think it would be onea our grails, if it had only happened

  2. Replies
    1. Real chicken or the egg type thing here, in that the video game and the movie both came out in 1982 (while the Cap'n was busy "cut'n a rug" on the disco world's dance floors), but I will say I don't believe Jack had anything to do with either. That being said, we're talk'n Jack Kirby here, so who knows? I already said I profess to believe Jack created Star Wars