Friday, October 1, 2021

We Are Returned! by Jack Kirby

 ...and Vince Coletta.  Only in Asgard  could you walk in and say "we are returned!"  Okay, I've mellowed over the years on my distaste of Coletta inks on Kirby (still can't take Syd Shores inks, though).  For one thing, I've tried ink'n Kirby pencils myself a few times, and it's exhaust'n!  The squiggles and krackles are the toughest for me, and I cannae imagine being handed some twenty pages at a time, and being on a tight deadline.  That being said, I still dunnae know why two warriors and a horse would just disappear in a cloud of smoke


  1. That's always what I look for first when I get these comparisons. I sometimes feel like Kirby's most beautiful and imaginative Marvel work is in Thor. Just before the inks are applied.

    1. That is so spot on. Loki is especially darkly georgeous in Kirby's pencil form