Friday, October 8, 2021

The Spawn Of Venus Splash by Wally Wood

So, four years ago, I posted this beautiful splash, and eight years ago, I posted three versions of the whole she-bang, but I cannae resist my fundundant tendencies on this one, possibly my favorite thing by Mr. Wood


  1. Now if only we could see it in actual 3-D ! The whole story is a Woody tour de force! Love it! Thanks for the post! His V----FOR VAMPIRES was great too, could you post it sometime???

    1. Glad you mentioned V! I'm put'n together what I call a "hodgepodge" of Wally Wood (think'n that's what I'll actually call it) and I think your suggestion will go perfect with that

    2. Ooops! V-VAMPIRES! is coming, but it will get it's own post. Onea the main reasons I started this blog was to see all the art I love, but I cannae find stuff when I search if I dunnae title it all