Friday, August 28, 2020

Mitosis On A Planetary Scale With Gil Kane

What I really dig, though, is some Gil Kane spaceship control rooms and pilots.  Awesome how Ike was in the whitehouse, but Gil was already using ear-buds.  Perhaps Kane was onea those secret time-travelers you see all over the internet



  1. Did you see him draw himself as "the Imagineer",a futuristic comics-type creator in the Alan Moore Judgement Day: Aftermath comic? It was part of Moore's reset of Liefeld's crappy Awesome Universe, and the story frame was basically a tribute to Kane late in his career.

    1. Never saw it until today! You're always commenting with just the right stuff at just the right time. I was searching aimlessly last night, and wishing I could be shown something inspir'n to me, and viola! you gave me just the ticket