Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Eerie Inside Cover by Wally Wood

So...Wally did a buncha inside front covers for Avon before exploding over at EC, and they're awesome, but I never knew about this one from Eerie #3


  1. That's a new one to me. Beautiful. Do you like the Kinstler Avon frontis pages, too? Heavy Alex Raymond vibes.

  2. Don't be hate'n, but nope, Everett just ain't my cupa tea. He was a very gifted artist, and I've thought about this a lot, since there are so many gifted artists in the comics field, but I cannae figure out my particular passion. I would rather search for things I haven't seen by Frazetta and Kirby and Wrightson and Steranko and Barry Smith and Gil Kane and Wally Wood and Steve Ditko than anything else out there. Sure, I'll see sumpn sumpn that blows me away (and I'll gaze at it once or twice), but then I'm right back at it. Kinda sad, and definitely limiting, but I cannae explain the pure joy I get from these guys. Art Cooper, Ned Young, John Buscema, John Severin, Al Williamson, Jeff Jones, Bob Kline, Rich Corben, Mike Kaluta, Tim Conrad, Paul Gulacy, and Neal Adams are also da bomb, but not like those first eight. I thought you'd dig this image, though, cause in the wayback you inspired me to put up almost all the other Avon inside covers by Wood. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm excited to get back to work on Part Tres of the Wrightson intros! Peace out

  3. Keep playin' the hits,then...that's why I keep coming back.

    1. Y'know, the Cap'n was a radio discjockey for a hot minute in the early seventies. I had stacks and stacks of the hottest wax, the top-ten teen tunes of ALL the hottest hits for you cats and chicks, com'n in loud and clear from outside the stratusphere