Sunday, August 30, 2020

Kane "the Imagineer" by Gil Kane

So...a coupla days back I posted Planetary Mitosis by Gil Kane, yak'n about Kane as a time traveler, and Russ asked me if I had seen this, a comic written by Alan Moore last century called Judgement Day: Aftermath, in which Kane drew himself.  wow.  I had not seen this.  coolio.  If you have not seen the 6 part documentary on the Disney Imagineers, you should


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    1. Thanks to Russ! He's constantly turning me onto cool stuff that I'm clueless about

  2. It was a cool thing Alan Moore did there, and if you've had any brush with the Silver Age Superman books, the Supreme comics he wrote in this universe were wonderful reading, in spite of some rough art in the beginning.

    1. Always thought Alan Moore was an awesome writer, but (unlike Roy Thomas) he never seemed to work with my fav artists, until you showed me this