Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bug-Eyed Monster by Wally Wood

Be the first to name the EC comic cover this B.E.M. appeared on, and win a coveted non-prize

....two days later, and we have a winner (thanks meamwayne)


  1. Well, I was give somebody else a chance to answer that, but if you still haven't gotten any response, it is, of course, Weird Science-Fantasy 27.

  2. Thanks! The non-prize is in the mail (it's only a cold sore, this swamp land will only go up in value, etc., etc.) Here's the extreme of my laziness, the color image is from an EC portfolio, I searched all the Weird Science covers, dinnae find it, read online this was done in the mid-sixties (everything on the net is true, cause the net told me so), and thought you guys could clue me in. My Ross Cochran hardbound has a beauty of this, which now that you led me to it, I'll now add on here