Monday, October 9, 2017

4 X Wally Wood


  1. This just proves there is and will only ever be one Wally Wood. Who even comes close to such detail and perfection? Just outa site art here. You get a raise and take the rest of the day off.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!
    Where are the great comic art styles in todays comics? Sadly the iconography of Wood, Steranko, Kirby and Wrightson is terribly lacking. Today it's pretty pictures but no "real" art!

  3. Welcome to MY world (well, if you added Barry Smith and Frazetta, an maybe Gil Kane and Corben to your list)!!! Several years ago, I heard a baby-boomer rattle off all these names at a mega-store, and the clerk looked at him like he was insane. It was kinda the seed for my blog. Keep check'n back, cuz I dunnae want any of these greats to be "sadly lacking"