Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Bill Black Struggle

So....heretis-a conundrum wrapped within an enigma-one of those philosophical egg-rolls of comic art we sometimes order before the main course.  I love 1970 Bill Black, but I'm find'n he doesnae exist.  He was almost old-school classical meets fan-boy explosive, but it truly was the twinkl'n of an eye.  bummer.  From the top:  Space Guardian, The Defender, The Shade, Cap'n Paragon, and The Girl From LSD


  1. I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean he's passed away....or never existed? I've seen Bill Black's work for years....but nothing really recent.

  2. There is an interview with him (Including a picture) here :

  3. Thanx, and yeah, this is onea those times where I assume everyone knows what's going thru my head (when even I usually dunnae what I'm think'n). I guess what I was recalling is that I always wanted more of that 1970 stuff, and it's just one of many selfish dreams