Sunday, September 25, 2016

Darc Tangent

The bad news is I scanned these two images long ago, dinnae keep the book, and have no artist (looks like maybe ffif?).  The good news is this mag is in almost everyone's back issue magazines, and fairly cheap, so if you like this, you should pick up a copy


  1. Okay, that's the work of Phil Foglio,best known for the MythAdventures series, in collaboration with Connor Cochran, aka Freff, thus the ff ff logo, which I believe stood for Foglio Freff Fantasy Factory or something like that.

  2. Thanks! Lots easier than try'n to pick up another copy, but def dug the art

  3. I had this back in 1982. Had bought a couple from Gary's Comic Shop on Mission and 23rd St. in San Francisco.

    Rest in peace, Gary.