Thursday, April 2, 2015

Strange Tales #183 Cover by Jack Kirby

For a reprint mag, this is pretty awesome.  Not only Steve Ditko rock'n the insides on some of the best Doc Strange tales, but it was 1975, Jack was back at Marvel, and it looks like they might've brought in Chic Stone to ink.  Whatever happened, it's onea Kirby's best covers, methinks


  1. It's a reprint, blown up from the cover of Strange Tales #130, omitting the band that announces The Human Torch and the Thing "Meet...The Beatles!" I agree that it's a beauty. It begins that great Dr. Strange/ Eternity serial by Ditko, which has never been equaled. in my opinion.

  2. Wowsers, thanx Russ! Even as I wrote that last night, I was think'n, "wait a sec, was Chic Stone still inking Kirby in 1975? I don't think so...."