Friday, September 13, 2013

Red Sonja and Rune by Barry Smith

Some different looks for Barry of two of his many great characters (okay, one's his and one's REH)


  1. Bro, Sonja clearly signed by Tim Conrad. Who I suspect did that Lemuria thing too.

  2. my cap'n - Sonja was inked by Tim Conrad... hence the decidedly different 'look'.

  3. Thanks for pointing out Tim Conrad on this piece, that explains the 'look.' In my defense, I've put up another Red to show what signature I'm look'n at, and had missed Tim being the inker (I love Conrad, by the by, so please search him on Cap'n's Comics). I'm pretty sure Conrad is NOT involved with Warrior of Lemuria, however, and always remember this--I was only wrong once: that time I said I'm never wrong