Thursday, September 26, 2013

Creeper #1 by Steve Ditko

Genius.  A few of my fav images from the second issue (first real issue was a DC Showcase, with the all-time greatest origin story).  Although the splash credits The Shagmeister (?) with dialog, I suspect Ditko also influenced the fact that most of the story is told through thought balloons.  wow


  1. Two notes:
    The villian is called "The Terror", but because the Comics Code forbade using the word "terror" on covers (even in captions and word balloons), the story's title calls him "The Menace" (A grown-up Dennis?)
    2) If you recolor The Terror's costume, you have the Seaboard/Atlas character "The Destructor", co-created by Ditko!

  2. He is so one of a kind that unfortunately he would not be successful had he started out now in comics, with the photo realism of so many comics.

  3. Thanks! Fascinate'n stuff on the code, and I knew The Terror looked familiar, just had not realized why

  4. True dat! Remember, if it's not done 1965-1975, it ain't squat (from the old song line "My girl is red hot, your girl ain't diddly squat"). Rules were made for exceptions, hence Jim Lee, early Todd Mcfarlane, Gulacy, Corben.....