Thursday, September 5, 2013

Creepy #15 Cover by Frank Frazetta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had to geek out with the exclamation marks, and please read why....Yesterday I had one a those choir moments, where the whole Tabernacle of denutted boys hit one note and holds it---if you collect, you know what I'm talk'n about.  I'm leafing through the musty old magazine section at Wayne's shop--the same section I've leafed through a million times before, the kind of looking that makes you yawn (yeah, dig it)--when suddenly (SUDDENLY!) this is there, totally out of place, giant bagged and boarded and in really good shape (embiggen scan), and like nothing else in the whole long box.  Believe me, I double checked..  I walk up to Tyler to check out, and apparently I'm grinnin ear to ear, cause all the other fellows, some of them complete strangers, ask me what I've found.  Nobody relates, so I'm hoping you relate.  It's one of those grails I've always wanted but almost didn't know I wanted until I found it--kinda out of reach,  like a dinner date with Marilyn Monroe or batting practice with Da Big Bambino.  I will of course expound on this later (for one thing, inside is one of my favorite Steve Ditko Warren Washes Stories), but I wanted to respect Frazetta's iconic cover enough to post it by itself first

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