Sunday, July 7, 2013

Humphrey Bogart by Jim Steranko

It's easy ta see that the problems you and I have don't amount to a hill of beans in this great big, crazy world.  But if you don't get me a bigger scanner, you'll regret it.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life.  Can you spare a bigger scanner for a fellow american down on his luck?  Oh, don't be that way!  All I need is a little hair of the dog!  Tennis, anyone?  Here's look'n at you, kid


  1. Pretty funny; You do all this and for no money too. Wow. Know what I say? The only point in making money is so you can tell some big shot where to go.

  2. Thanks for keep'n it all in perspective, Mike! I actually like most of the big shots I know, so who needs mullah? (or maybe we were still quote'n Bogey)