Thursday, July 25, 2013

Galactic Head by Jack Kirby Re-visited

A month ago, I put up three images of this, explaining that only the 21st Century Archives card had the only un-cropped version I had seen.  A very popular post, I've seen many re-posts of the card image, most try'n (not very successfully) to crop out the card markings, so I thought I would put up the card again, but all cleaned up.  Enjoy.  And, last month Mike and I both joked about wanting to wear a T-shirt with this image, and now it exists!  Mike, we just need to get to the original Comicon in San Diego and stop by the Kirby Museum booth (and if the Delorean hits the cable at exactly 88 MPH at the precise moment the lightning strikes the clock tower....everything will be fine...)

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