Thursday, January 17, 2013

Top 5 "wish I had a real Jack Kirby vehicle" Vehicles

Thanks, Mike, for the title!  As I said 2 days ago, this first image is tied for first with me.

Last four are of the same vehicle.  Did Jack come back for the reprint cover to add antennaes and a rear-view mirror?  Although it looks very menacing, this vehicle ended up saving the western world


  1. These were sure an imporvement over the first superhero flying car,ie the FF's flying bathtub Fantastic Car, LOL!
    Mike in Oviedo FL

  2. I've added the Fantasticar of which you jest, but ya gotta admit even that monstrosity quickly improved! Thanks again fer all your great insights, Mike, sometimes it can get awful lonesome out here in cyberspace (can you hear Bowie's "Major Tom" in the background?)