Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jack Kirby? Are You Sure?

Here's another one of those illos that make you go that really Jack?  As Kandou Erik and I have occasionally discussed, it's still fun to see them


  1. I agree. It looks like one of the pencil scans the Jack Kirby Collector publishes, and the signature looks right. But doesn't seem quite right in some respects, either...

    John @ Pop Culture Safari

  2. Looks more like Tom Scioli than Kirby.
    If it's being promoted or sold as a Kirby piece, it's probably by a third party who combined a Scioli sketch with Kirby's signature.
    Scioli has too much resepct for the King to commit fraud.

  3. I'd really be surprised if it really was Jack Kirby's work. Just seems weird, for weirds sake -- which is sometimes how we see Jack's art; but I don't think it was ever a way he actually drew. (Like it would always make sense to him.)

  4. It is Kirby. It’s the pencils to the cover of Phantom Force, which he drew for Image just before he died.