Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Two Ancient Wrongs Make An Ancient Right by Steve Ditko

In the not-so-distant (exactly a month ago), I had An Ancient Wrong post, with image bits and pieces I could find on da web.  Accidently discovered it that day, and lamented not knowing about it for 54 years.  I could see enough to know it was amazeballs, and promptly called the local comic shop.  After a long hold, somebody came back from the independent back issues, and said,  "we don't have Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #20, but we have #21."  Close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades, I thought, but what I said was, "well, thanks for look'n."  Then I hopped on eBay, and ve-oh-lah (as Bugs Bunny useta say)!  Amongst all the high-priced versions of that comic, there was a worn copy in Cap'n Condition (just below Good in the price-guide gradings) for the buy-it-now of five bucks.  sweet.

So, anyhoo, hope you enjoy this as much as I have.  It's a nifty story with some great Ditko art, and the creative uses of the host as a panel divider and bridge really warms my cockels (def.-gratifies, makes feel good).  As I said a month ago, I dig the end, where Doc Graves makes like the Creeper, and I included the other splash to show what I meant that Doc Graves sometimes makes like Doc Strange


  1. At this stage in life with more comics than sense, the only collecting ambition I have is to perhaps work to put together a full set of The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves. Seeing this story again only reignites that desire.

    1. What a co-inky-dink! I've been think'n the same thing. There's a slight blizzard going on right now, and that "local" shop is like twenty miles away, but when I get the chance, I was going to go and see if they still have TMGODG #21, cause I read in my research that it also has a great Ditko story