Sunday, February 4, 2024

The Glory Boat by Jack Kirby

Love this page.  Will always love it.  Loved it back before I ever saw it.  Since this is a big fav, I want to always be able to find it on here, so scuse me while I kiss the sky (er...scuse me while I hashtag this baby).
#New Gods 6 #Deep Six #Orion and Lightray #The Source



  1. I'm with you. Kirby hit his all-time peak with this issue and the next featuring "The Pact".

  2. Oh, true dat. In the way back on here, I already talked about my one-time meeting of Jack. He and Roz were in Boulder to see a nephew attend'n CU, and they came to the local shop. I took very few items to get signed, but onea them was New Gods #7. As I handed it to Jack, I told him it was my favorite comic. Roz and Jack smiled at each other, and Roz said, "ours, too"