Monday, January 30, 2023

2.5 Million Views! Thanks!

Yeah, I'm so appreciative of y'all stop'n by!  I know this post is doubly fundundant, but I really tried to mix it up a little this time.  Thanks again, everybody!  You Rock


  1. Put me down for another coupla thousand, Chief. That TBG cover hits me right where I (used to) live. Ned Young? Congrats to you for an epic run; I'm waving my cigarette lighter out here in the cheap seats.

    1. Suhweeeeet! August 26th, 1983, the whole gang is at Red Rocks to see Talking Heads, and our lighters looked like an infestation of fireflies had taken over the night sky. Yeah, Ned is due for a complete repeat on here (just wish I had more than a handfull of his pages)