Sunday, October 30, 2022


 Jack Kirby, Rich Corben, Art Cooper (Art just recently told me that, yes, they DO have trick or treaters in Canada.  I was clueless.  Now I'm wondering about other parts of the planet), Wally Wood , 2X Steve Ditko, Frank Frazetta (I'm pretty sure this is the Frazetta painting that Ellie found so frightening, she made Frank turn it to be facing the wall), Berni Wrightson, and Jim Steranko


  1. *spits out coffee* Aaaaaaaaaaghh! (I always wondered who owned the copyright to Satan.So it's not Mick Jagger,after all.)

    1. Actually, Art is in very good company on the coffee-stained art. Frazetta had a buncha pieces that ended up with coffee stains (best one is the original barbarian battle that appeared on The Nostalgia Journal cover-just search "coffee Frazetta " on here). Spooky thing for me, however, is I just sat down with a cupa Joe before I read your comment, and that's weird for me cause it's 2 in the afternoon here, and I try to cut myself off from coffee by late morning