Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Lost Atlantis by Jack Kirby

Coupla days later, here's the source of Kirby's great cover.  Thanks, Russ!  First is the newspaper image when Alex Raymond first did it (then came Boy Commandos #23), and secondly, the scene in Flash Gordon #1



  1. Kinda swiped from an Alex Raymond Flash Gordon panel.

    1. True dat. Should I put up the Raymond panel for comparison? Many of the artists I love were strongly influenced by Raymond. He and Hal Foster kinda have that James Brown thing going, were they are "the Godfathers of comics"

    2. I forgot to mention Williamson's pin-up in Flash Gordon #1, a reversed image of the Raymond picture.

    3. Ooops, that one I didnae even realize, and it's onea the few grails I actually hung on to! Look for both get'n added here soon