Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Lure Of The Tower Panel by Rich Corben

So, midday on Dec 11th, "I was in search of a good time, just run'n my game" when I did a post of a coupla horror underground hosts by Corben.  Soon, meamwayne thanked me for posting it, since Rich had passed about a week before.  I was oblivious to this, but looked and was greatly saddened.  Another legend was lost to comicdom on Dec. 2nd.  Late that night, I just posted most of what I love by him, but couldnae bring myself to write anything then, and am honestly still at a loss for words.  This is from a 1969 story in Voice of Comicdom, and it's gorgeous early Gor.  He was the master of airbrush, but obviously dinnae even need airbrush to shine

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