Saturday, February 1, 2020

Barbarian Comics Illustration by Rich Corben

Cannae remember where this illo was when I first saw these at the head shops, but it musta been in the silver one, because the gold one has two females by Corb on the inside front covers.  If you know f'sure, please clue me in


  1. Neither. Sorry to be late on this. It's Barbarian Comics #3.

    1. Thanks, and no wonder I couldn't decide, cause I dinnae even know about more issues

  2. Barbarian Comics ran for four issues as far as I know, and then was replaced by Barbarian Women, which had only a couple of issues and a crappy revival issue in the 90's. I felt like they never lived up to their potential. Nice Jack Jackson cover on BC 4, though.

  3. Just looked it up, and yer right--great cover of a great scene from Howard's original Conan, but yer also right about not living up to their potential. I remember seeing the first two on the underground spinner rack at the headshop and having a mind blown moment....until I opened them. The Corbens were che nice, tho