Monday, January 1, 2018

The Black Panther Movie by Jack Kirby

First image is the first appearance.  This should be a great movie also (ya gotta love the seasonal push on flics).  Kirby, of course, had noth'n to do with the movie, and yet---everything


  1. You can't fool me. You threw in a ringer. That fourth one ain't Jack; it's Barry Smith back when he still thought that he wanted to be Jack when he grew up.

  2. Can't pull anything on you! Not a bad aspiration, though

  3. "Kirby, of course, had noth'n to do with the movie, and yet---everything"
    That sure describes a lot of films.

    Love those (unused?) pencils you opened the piece with, too.

  4. Almost as good as the published cover. Yeah,
    one movie franchise I haven't mentioned in a while is the Star Wars original trilogy, where we see the Kirby influence in a ton a things, most notably the source/force and the city in the clouds (New Genesis)

  5. Black Panther with Daredevil is a Barry Smith cover's in his Kirby/Steranko inspiration period.


  6. Yeah, just my OTHER fav image of the early Black Panther (along with some Avengers by John Buscema), but yer right, I shouldna stuck it up here