Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ironwolf by Howard Chaykin

So, in music, we usedta talk a lot about "one hit wonders" (ie AHA with Take On Me), but I dunnae if anyone uses the phrase in comics.  Don't get me wrong--John Severin was che great--but in my mind, his one hit wonder was Kull.  And Howard Chaykin did some way cool stuff, but, again in my mind, his one hit wonder was Ironwolf.  In 1973, I'm stranded at the first of the all-night grocery stores (my Opal Kadet Rally had "given up the ghost"), and there on the spinner rack is this first image.  Twenty cents for sump'n amazeballs, and I grab it.  Four years before Star Wars, and many years before Braveheart, here was a little mag full of....legend

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