Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Green Arrow by Jack Kirby (and Mike Royer!)

If you look a lot at my blog, ya know I love me some Royer inks on Kirby, but this is just ridic.  Next to the last image is onea my first posts back in 2010, a cool pencil by Jack that was for sale on Black Line Fever. (If only I had spare change....)  Third image is how I first saw this Kirby Green Arrow, but first image should be embiggened.  Mike did da incredible-he created a Kirby that never was to give us a shoulda been.  Thanks, Mike....


  1. Is that pencil drawing the actual one he re-inked to change it into Green Arrow? There are so many differences (I don't mean the costume) that it's practically another drawing entirely. I've got that little Green Arrow book (as well as the Omnibus), it's very nice.

  2. Wild, huh? Yep, that Bullseye pencil is the basis for the Green Arrow we all know'n love