Friday, April 14, 2017

1970 Comic Book Price List Cover by Jim Steranko

Apparently, Phil Seuling not only promoted the NYC Comic Art Conventions, he also sold comics.  My problem is I know I've seen a better scan of this rare cover, but I dunnae where....(several minutes later)  Oh, yeah-duh, the fantabulous Mr. Doortree


  1. Selling was a fan and NYC public school teacher, a dealer in old comics (I sold a bunch to him) and even more importantly (maybe) than the convention thing, he created the direct market.
    And now that I think about it, Roy Thomas was friends with Sueling and with Ed Summer, who opened one of the first comics stores, if not the first, in NYC. (And if I recollect, Summer hooked Thomas up with Team Lucas, resulting in the Star Wars adaptation that saved Marvel.) My point being: I wonder whether Roy had some sort of involvement, no matter how slight, in the creation of the DM.

  2. Cool comments....I sold a buncha comics to Chuck Roz out here when he was starting Mile High (1974ish)...Michael Chabon should do a second Kavalier & Klay just on the whole legend