Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nezzar and His Ride by Jack Kirby

Just this portion of Nezzar is as high as the Space Needle in Seattle.  Galactus fits nicely in the palm of Nezzar's mitt

Like many of us, Jack was intrigued by a book that came out in 1968 called Chariots Of The Gods?, and led to his developement of a series he called Return of the Gods, changed wisely to the Eternals.  What was not readily apparent was the origin of the concept lay with H.P. Lovecraft back in 1926, and although Lovecraft dismissed his tales as mediocre, his friend Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan) heralded the idea as a "masterpiece of fantasy."  The 1926 publication date in Weird Tales is interesting, because Kirby gave a fifty year deadline for earth's fate in his comic, and that clock started in 1976, fifty years after Lovecraft first "dreamed it up" (Howard and Lovecraft claimed their best story ideas came in dreams)  So, what's in store 13 years from now, in 2026, and why are the Mayans always involved?  hhmmmmm.....


  1. You know, I had a dream about this...

  2. I had a dream about this in 1960, when the Cap'n was just a wee bilge rat, and I saw massive starships blocking out the sky, just like Independence Day. Recently, I had a library dream, where this villianess walked into the library and began taking all the books off the shelf and spreading them face-up on the library floors.

  3. Hmm that probably means somethings, like you revere books or you fear women in spandex, who knows LOL